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PerDiemMax – A Case Study in SEO and Pay Per Click Marketing

PerDiemMax home pageAirline employees can take a per diem deduction on their taxes, deducting the portion of their travel per diem not reimbursed by their employer. Far Reach’s client PerDiemMax offers an online per diem calculator to assist these airline employees in calculating the deduction for their tax returns.

PerDiemMax has made a significant investment in their product over the past year and needed to see an increase in sales to support this investment. They contracted with Far Reach on a campaign to increase customer sign ups during the 2013 tax season.

Since the PerDiemMax product is offered and managed completely online, we recommended two main areas of work to improve their search engine rankings for important search terms.

First, the PerDiemMax website was not fully optimized for search engines, so we suggested an initial investment in some fairly simple fixes in this area.

Second, because organic SEO methods can take months to net results, we recommended PerDiemMax invest in Google Adwords advertising over prime tax season in order to appear on the first page of search results for relevant searches.

Moving forward, we strongly recommend PerDiemMax engage in blogging and social media efforts to maintain and improve the gains accomplished via our short campaign. 

Here’s a brief outline of the success PerDiemMax enjoyed during the 2013 tax season due to this initial campaign.


We engaged in extensive research to determine the best keywords to target and analyzed the websites and marketing of PerDiemMax’s primary competitors. 

Using the information gathered in the research phase, we determined the following strategies should be the priority, and worked with them on implementation:
  • Optimized the PerDiemMax website for search engines.
  • Implemented a Google Adwords campaign targeted for prime keyword terms.
  • Created YouTube and Google+ profiles for PerDiemMax to manage.
  • Encouraged PerDiemMax to engage in blogging and social media moving forward.


PerDiemMax Organic Search Traffic
PerDiemMax saw significant, measurable results attributable to the combined SEO and Adwords campaigns:

  • 67% increase in non-branded organic search traffic in first month of the campaign with an additional 50% increase in the second month
  • 25% increase in daily conversions (sign-ups) during the AdWords campaign
  • 35% increase in revenues compared to the same time period last tax season
Keyword Rankings for top targeted terms (3 months into campaign)
Keyword Term #1  Ranked 6 (first page) up from 13
Keyword Term #2  Ranked 5 (first page) up from 11
Keyword Term #3  Ranked 5 (first page) previously not in the top 50
Keyword Term #4  Ranked 10 (first page) previously not in the top 50
Keyword Term #5  Ranked 10 (first page) previously not in the top 50  

Out of 16 total keywords tracked:
Keywords: 2/1/2013 3/31/2013 4/30/2013
In top 10 (first page) 0 4 5
In top 20 2 8 8
In top 50 2 12 10

The PerDiemMax project is an excellent example of combining a variety of search engine marketing techniques to accomplish short-term and long-term goals.

You can learn more via previous blog posts about Far Reach’s views on SEO and marketing with Google Adwords.

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