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Don’t Have a Mobile-Friendly Website? Better Read This.

Google Shows Mobile-friendly Websites

Google is at it again.

For the second time this year, they’ve announced you’ll be rewarded for having a mobile-friendly website.

On Tuesday, Google said they’re adding a mobile-friendly label to their mobile search results. 

In other words, mobile searchers can tell if your site is mobile-friendly before they click on it.

Here’s what that means for you.

Research has shown overwhelmingly that mobile users prefer mobile-friendly websites. 

So, if given the choice between two similar websites—yours and a competitor’s—they’re more likely to click on the mobile-friendly option first.

And if they find what they’re looking for right away on a competitor’s site, there’s no need for them to go back and visit yours.

All of this comes on top of Google’s announcement earlier this year they will be ranking websites with mobile versions higher in mobile search.

Here’s the bottom line.

If you were on the fence about having a mobile-friendly website, this update makes it pretty clear.