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On Target: Getting Your Facebook Ads in Front of the Right People

On Target – Getting Your Facebook Ads In Front Of People

I’m 27. I’m not married. And, oh yea, I’m a woman. And yet, I saw this ad in my Facebook feed. 

Lakeview Center for Urology Sponsored Ad

Nope, I don’t need a vasectomy. Not now, not ever. I don’t even have anyone in my life who does (who’d be looking for a recommendation from me anyway).

So why did I see this ad? Bad audience targeting.

Getting Closer

The Trop50 ad gets its targeting partially right. I am female and I do care about calories and sugar content. But again, I’m 27. I might be an old soul, but I can’t see myself in this woman.

With just a few clicks of a button, by setting up an additional ad group, they could show me someone I relate to much more. 

Trop50 Sponsored Post

Much Better

I’ve shown you what bad targeting looks like. Now let’s look at some examples of good targeting. Below are three ads that target me based on very different interests.

This Marketing Dive ad is targeting marketing professionals. I see it about weekly, and they switch up the images every month or so. They could take it to another level by excluding me once I sign up.

Marketing Dive Sponsored Post

Facebook knows I like lifting. They know this because of the pages I like and the things I talk about. (Creepy, yes. Effective, also yes.) This ad is from a company I follow; it shows someone I can relate to, who’s putting up weight I can only dream of at this point; and it includes a success story.

Barbell Shrugged has also been targeting me with this program through email. They’ve sold it so well that I’ve almost signed up a few different times…but I already have a program I’m happy with.

Barbell Shrugged Sponsored Post

Facebook also knows I have a dog, again, based on my interests and the fact that 90% of my timeline is pictures of my dog, Violet. Violet is 12 years old, so an orthopedic bed would make sense for her (she’s not going to get one because she’s much too spoiled already). This ad also nails it because I’ll pause (nay, paws) for any picture of a dog—and I love a good deal. With one click of a button, I installed the Groupon App. 

Groupon Sponsored Ad

Just because Facebook ads are quick to place and cost-effective doesn’t mean they don’t require a well-thought-out strategy. Put yourself in the shoes of the people likely to see your ad. Is it relevant to them? Is it valuable?

If you need help reaching the right people with your ads, reach out