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The Power of Photos: How to Turn Mundane Into Memorable

The Power of Photos – How to Turn Mundane Into Memorable

Sometimes you find inspiration in the strangest places.

This morning I was reminded of the power of photos—on top of our city recycling can of all places.

First, some background. On top of our city recycling can is a horizontal sticker that lists what you can and can’t recycle. For instance, yes to pop cans; no to plastic grocery bags.

I always knew the sticker was there. But I never took the time to read it. Why? The list was long and text-heavy—think columns of text.

This month we got a new replacement sticker in the mail. This time there was no list; just photos. Even better—the list is condensed to a few key items.

Recycling Can Lid

Now when I haul the trashcan to the curb, I look at the sticker every time. Why? The photos catch my eye.

It reinforces what studies have already told us. Most people skim; they don’t read. And people today are more visual than ever.

So ask yourself: “What marketing material does my business have that could use photos—or any kind of visuals—instead of text to more effectively tell my story?”

When might a video be more vivid than text on your website? When might an infographic be more intriguing than plain text for a social media post?

I guess the saying is true—one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In this case, the treasure was the reminder of the power of photos.