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Custom Photography for Marketing: How to Choose a Photographer

Custom Photography For Marketing – How To Choose A Photographer

Previously we talked about the pros and cons of custom and stock photography.

Let’s say you decide to go with custom photography for your marketing projects.

Why does it matter who you hire as your photographer? And how do you choose?

Why it matters

People are visual. The first place their eyes will go—whether on a webpage or a spec sheet—are the images. To get high-quality images that make a great first impression, you need a skilled photographer.

How to choose a photographer

Here are some of the criteria you should use when choosing a photographer. (The same criteria can be used when hiring a videographer.)

  • Expertise – Most photographers specialize in a type of photo. For example, Photographer A may be particularly skilled in headshots, while Photographer B does product shots, and Photographer C does food photography. Be sure to get the right photographer for the type of photos you need.
  • Personal preference – Have a photographer you are considering hiring? Look at their online portfolio. Do you like their creative style? Their angles? Their lighting choices? Most importantly, is what they are showcasing how you would want your people, products, and business portrayed in images? 
  • Budget – Find a photographer who fits your budget. Most of us would love to hire Annie Leibovitz to take our head shot. Almost none of us could afford it. Headshots aside, most commercial photographers charge by the half-day or day, plus travel expenses. Be sure to put together a shot list—a list of the subject and location of each shot—so the photographer can give you a more accurate estimate. 
  • References –Does the photographer turn around the edited photos in a reasonable amount of time? (Shooting photos is one thing; editing them is another.) Is the photographer pleasant to work with? Ask for references, and then pick up the phone and find out.

With a little bit of work on your end, you’ll find a photographer who’s picture perfect for your project.