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Go Beyond 140 Characters With Twitter Cards

Go Beyond 140 Characters With Twitter Cards

Can’t say everything you need to say in 140 characters? Try using Twitter’s card feature. Twitter cards allow you to extend your Tweet by adding in rich media. The cards help your Tweets stand out in the feed because they are larger and include photos and video—in an otherwise text-heavy feed.

Card Types

Summary Card
Summary cards are great for links to articles and blog posts. They give the reader a preview of the content before they click. 

Twitter Card

Summary Card With Large Image
Large photo summary cards are the same as regular summary cards except they include a larger image. Which card shows up depends on the meta information you enter.

Far Reach Twitter Card

App Card
If you are looking to drive mobile app downloads, then you want to look into app cards. App cards drive users to the app store of their operating system (OS) to download your app.

Time Magazine Twitter Card

Lead Generation Cards
Lead generation cards allow brands to collect email addresses of potential customers. These cards require a little extra work. However, they can be easily created in the Twitter Ads platform. 

Tech Crunch Twitter Card

Player Cards

Player cards allow you to add video or audio to a Tweet. These are great for promoting a podcast or Periscope video.  

SoundCloud Twitter Card

How to Use Twitter Cards

Setting up Twitter cards does require some work. Essentially, you need to add a few lines of meta information to your site. For example, images and your Twitter handle. Most major content management systems (CMS) have a Twitter card plugin. However, if your CMS doesn’t or you’re not using a CMS, Twitter offers detailed instructions.


Twitter cards are a great way to extend your tweets with rich media. When done well, they can improve your campaign’s performance.