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Facebook: Friends and Family First, Brands Second

Facebook Friends and Family First, Brands Second

recently announced an upcoming change that may affect your brand’s visibility.

In coming weeks, posts from friends and family will appear higher up in your News Feed.

That’s good news if you use Facebook to keep up with Uncle Bill.

That’s bad news if you use Facebook to share your brand’s content.

How, exactly, will the update impact your brand?

The biggest impact will be felt by publishers (e.g., Buzzfeed, New York Times), not brands.

In the announcement, Facebook said, “Overall, we anticipate that this update may cause reach and referral traffic to decline for some pages.”

However, this doesn’t mean the update won’t affect your brand, too.

When friends' and family’s content gets pushed higher, your brand’s content gets pushed lower.

One thing is certain: Sponsored posts remain the only way to ensure your content will appear in your targeted audience’s newsfeed.

It’s a good reminder to share good, engaging content to be seen, and to follow Facebook’s page posting tips and best practices.