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How to Create a Digital Editorial Calendar (Plus a Free Template!)

How to Create a Digital Editorial Calendar
Flying by the seat of your pants is no fun—especially if you’re in charge of digital marketing content for your company.

That’s where a digital marketing editorial calendar comes in. An editorial calendar helps you control the publication of content across different media.

For example, we use ours for blogging and social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. (You can download the editorial calendar we use.)

A digital marketing editorial calendar will help you: 

  • Align your content with your marketing and business goals
  • Avoid struggling with last-minute content ideas
  • Collaborate with team members and decision-makers
  • Tie your content to events (How to Get the Most of the Upcoming XYZ Conference) or seasons (Spring Clean Your Digital Marketing)

Start Planning TodayYou can use your editorial calendar to document what to post (the topic), when to post (the day and time), and where to post (Instagram, Snapchat, etc.).

If you’re part of a marketing team, you can expand the editorial calendar to include who will post (marketing manager, marketing specialist, intern) and why you’re posting it (e.g., preview of ABC Conference in July).

You can also include: 

  • Assignments (who will write it, who will provide artwork)
  • Subject matter expert (who the writer should interview or have review it)
  • Deadlines (first draft due May 1, manager approval needed by May 15, artwork due May 20)

If you need help coming up with topics to blog and post about, reach out.