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The End (of the Year) is Near and What Marketers Should Do About It

The End (of the Year) is Near and What Marketers Should Do About It

It Was a Sign

I was shopping at Target yesterday and saw Christmas lights for sale.

A light bulb (pun intended) went off in my head—it’s time to plan the annual Far Reach holiday promotion.

It got me thinking: What else should I (and you!) be doing now to avoid the flurry of marketing tasks that come at year-end?

Here’s a list of what to tackle now so you can start the new year prepared and stress-free.

  1. Holiday Greetings

    If you send holiday greetings to clients, vendors, and friends:

    • Update your contact list
    • Order cards
    • Order gifts

    For ideas on how to be creative with your corporate holiday greetings, read this.

  2. Marketing Results

    Review your marketing results so far:

    • What’s working?
    • What adjustments should be made for next year?
    • Do you need to re-evaluate your long-term strategy?
    • Adjust as necessary.

  3. Marketing Budget

    If you don’t document your marketing expenses as you incur them, track down the receipts now so you’re not scrambling to find them later.

    Some of the expenses we track and compare include:

    • Award entries
    • Collateral
    • Customer appreciation
    • Memberships
    • Online advertising
    • Sponsorships
    • Subscriptions to services
    • Trade shows
    • Training

    When you’re done, get ahead of the game and begin work on your 2016 marketing budget.

  4. Renewals

    Is there anything you renew on an annual basis that would be good to renew now?

    For example:

    • Memberships
    • Subscriptions
    • Training
    • Ad placement

No Worries

Sure, the end may be near. But if you get an early start, there will be no reason to panic.