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Spring Clean Your Digital Marketing

Spring Cleaning Your Digital Marketing

Ah, spring. Flowers blooming, birds chirping, and…fresh marketing?

You spring clean your house—or at least have the best intentions to—so why not take time to do the same for your digital marketing?

Use this list to make sure your digital marketing efforts are squeaky clean.

Reminder—it’s important to keep your business and marketing goals in mind throughout the cleaning process. (And maybe clean those up, too.)

Social Media

  • Take a quick look at the information (bio, web link, categories) on all your social profiles. Is it still relevant or does it need updating?
  • Make sure images on your profile fit nicely (dimensions change periodically).
  • Review the profiles you follow on Twitter—unfollow inactive and irrelevant accounts.
  • Think honestly and strategically about the profiles you need for your business. Do you really need that Ello account? If not, delete it.

Far Reach Facebook Cover


  • Get some fresh eyes on your homepage. Does it quickly communicate what you do? Is it easy to navigate? Is it mobile friendly?
  • Make sure Google Analytics is installed and tracking properly.
  • Take a look at how your site shows in search engines and rework your meta data if necessary.
  • Look around the site to see if anything looks outdated—images, recent news (March 2014 is not recent), staff photos.

Far Reach Google Listing

  • Make sure your email messages are mobile-friendly.
  • Clean out your email list(s) by removing contacts who have never engaged with your messages, or haven’t done so in the last three months.
  • Send an email! If you don’t have an ongoing email strategy in place, we need to talk.  

Pay-per-click Ads

  • Re-evaluate your budget. Is it too high, too low, or just right?
  • Add negative keywords to reduce wasted spend.
  • Create variations of your top-performing ads.
  • Optimize your ads with ad extensions.

There are so many more marketing-related items to clean—most of which you should do more than once per year—but this list is a good way to warm up.