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Q&A: How to Write a Headline for a Blog Post

How to Write a Headline for a Blog Post

Your questions make great blog post topics. Here’s one we received recently along with our answer.


I’m taking on reinvigorating our blog. I’m wondering about headline writing. To help clients find us, is it best to do a question (How Do I Write a Tagline?), Buzzfeed-style clickbait (6 Surprising Things This Corgi Can Teach You About Writing Taglines—Number 3 Will Shock You!), or some combination of the two? I actually like clickbait headlines. As disingenuous as they are, they work. But I’m asking from a purely SEO point of view.


Oh, the age-old question! Well, probably only age 1 or so.

Which way to go really depends on your goals. You’ll likely find yourself somewhere along the spectrum—maybe mixing and matching. 

If your goals are SEO-oriented, you’re going to want to be pretty straightforward and focus on titles that someone might actually search.  

The click-bait format works best with huge volume (your Buzzfeeds and Upworthys), and I assume you’re not expecting millions of visitors per day.

The clickbait format is also starting to be penalized by Facebook and Google, so that’s important to know. Facebook is showing less clickbait content in newsfeeds, and Google is using activity after click to determine relevance in SEO. In other words, if people click and bounce right away, not good.

Our philosophy is write good content that helps your audience. Speak like they would speak (and search). The SEO is then naturally built into the content as long as you’re following good practices on the backend

Summary: Just be helpful to your reader. 

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