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Ho-Ho…Oh!: How to Create Unforgettable Corporate Holiday Greetings

How to Create Unforgettable Corporate Holiday Greetings

Is your corporate holiday card working hard?

There are corporate holiday cards you scan. There are corporate holiday cards you read.

Then there are the ones you remember all year long. They engage you, make you smile, and leave you anticipating next year’s card.

How do you stand out in a sea of corporate holiday greetings?

We’ve found unforgettable corporate holiday cards and e-cards have three things in common:

  1. There’s an element of surprise. It might be creative, clever, or interactive. Or, it may include an unexpected gift.
  2. They’re personal. They’re from people, not a faceless company. 
  3. There’s no hard sell. ‘Tis the season for goodwill, not greed. Don’t try to sneak in a sales pitch.

Here’s what stood out in our mailbox.

We appreciated all of the holiday greetings we received this year. However, there were two in particular that stood out. 

Strategic Imaging Christmas Card

Strategic Imaging

  • An element of surprise. Their card was a die-cut paper Christmas ornament with a shimmery coating.
  • It’s personal. Their entire staff signed the card.
  • No hard sell. They didn’t talk about their printing capabilities. Instead, they showed them in a subtle way.

Paragon IT Professionals Holiday Card

Paragon IT Professionals

  • An element of surprise. Their card was lenticular, which we haven’t seen used for a holiday greeting before. The image alternated between a traditional staff photo and those same employees celebrating the New Year.
  • It’s personal. Again, their staff signed the card.
  • No hard sell. They simply wished us happy holidays.

 At Far Reach, we practice what we preach.

Here’s how we applied those three elements to our own corporate holiday greeting this year. 

  • No hard sell. We wanted to wish people happy holidays in a fun way. Since we’re a technology company, it made sense to showcase our services—but without a hard sell. Last year we created a website that featured our staff in a fun story about taking a project live. This year we created a free app that engaged our constituents—no strings attached. These examples don’t talk about what we can do, they show it.
  • An element of surprise. First, we came up with a clever name—the Appy Holidays from Far Reach app. Then, we created an interactive game where players could win real-world prizes. Finally, we purchased most of the prizes from clients, including Scratch Cupcakery and Cup of Joe.
  • It’s personal. The slot-machine-style game featured photos of our staff—one face on each reel. This helped humanize the app.

You don’t need to develop an app to create an unforgettable holiday greeting.

All you need are these three suggestions and a little imagination, and your next holiday greeting will be the talk of your clients’ water cooler chat.