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Get Saucy: Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Custom Website

Far Reach Spaghetti SauceChoosing the right web developer is a lot like choosing a spaghetti sauce.

Some developers use a store-bought approach for web design and development. They purchase predesigned templates or themes and apply them to your website.

It’s like grabbing a jar off the shelf at a grocery store. It doesn’t really matter which one you grab; they all taste about the same.

In other words, the sauce is ho-hum.

Other developers, like Far Reach, do custom website design and development.

It’s like making the sauce from scratch. It smells better, tastes better, and is perfectly suited to your taste buds.

In other words, the sauce is yum!

Here are the top 3 reasons a custom website is better than a predesigned template:
  1. Flexibility – With a template, you have to work with what you’re given. With custom design, the website works for your goals.
  2. Uniqueness – Your website won’t look like anyone else’s. It won’t look like a template, either, which can reflect poorly on your brand.
  3. Quality Your website will work flawlessly—the way you want it to and the way your customers expect it to.
So how do you know whether you’re getting ho-hum or yum?
  • Stop – Don’t sign on the dotted line until you’ve asked the developer if their bid is for a custom website.
  • Look – Compare the work samples on the developer’s website. Do they all seem similar? Or do they have different looks, feels, and features?
  • Listen – Request references from past clients. Contact the past clients and ask how they liked working with the developer.
Redesigning your website is a big investment. Don’t make a mistake that you’ll have to live with for a year or more. Get it right the first time. Get saucy. Choose a developer that does custom website design and development.