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What Should I Blog About?

“What should I blog about?”

We get that question a lot. The answer: The best sources for blog topics are the questions your customers ask you every day.

“Why share the answers online?”

  • It positions you as a resource. Wouldn’t you rather have customers get answers from you than your competitors?
  • If one person has that question, surely others do, too. In fact, they might be searching for the answer right now.
  • It creates trust. You provided valuable information to customers for free. Guess who they’re going to think of first when they make their next purchase?

“Can you give me some examples?

What should I blog about?Let’s say your company manufacturers widgets. These popular formats can help you turn customer questions into effective blog post topics:
  • Comparisons – A customer asks you “What’s best for my operation, widget A or widget B?” You can turn this into a blog post titled, “Widget A vs. Widget B,” and talk about the strengths and weaknesses of both.
  • How-tos – A customer says, “My widget is getting dirty. How do I clean it?” You can turn this into a blog post titled, “How to Clean Your Widget in 5 Easy Steps,” and use pictures or videos to show the steps.
  • Lists – A customer asks you, “Is there a better way to use my widget?”  You can turn this into a blog post titled, “The Top 10 Ways to Use Your Widget More Efficiently.”
  • Checklists – A customers asks you, “What do I need to do to prepare for my widget installation?” You can turn that into a blog post titled, “10 Things You Must Do Before Installing Your Widget.”

“But I’m not a good writer.”

We hear that a lot, too. (We bet you’re a better writer than you think.) Most business blogs sound like robots wrote them. They’re stuffy and filled with jargon that nobody except for the writer understands. Here are four easy steps to writing a blog post (even if writing isn’t your strength):
  1. Have someone ask you the questions.
  2. Record yourself giving the answers.
  3. Transcribe what you said.
  4. Tada! You instantly have blogs posts that are informative and conversational.
Another option is to work with an Internet marketing agency. They have great writers who can help write or edit your blog posts—complete with intriguing headlines, SEO-friendly keywords, and a reader-friendly format.

“What if I don’t talk to customers directly?

No problem. Just ask the people who do. For instance:
  • Salespeople
  • Customer support
  • Secretaries
They’re all great sources of customer questions.

“Can I really do this?”

Yep. We believe in you. Just remember, the next time you don’t know what to blog about, all you need to do is ask your greatest resource—your customers.