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Benefits of Hiring a Digital Agency of Record

It’s hard to ignore the growing importance of having a digital presence with statistics showing American adults spend more time online than they do watching TV. If you are like most brands, you have a website, participate in social media, blog, and run display ads. Each of these might be managed by a different advertising agency. However, it may be time to consider the benefits of having a Digital Agency of Record (AOR).

What is a Digital AOR?

A Digital Agency of Record is an advertising agency that specializes in interactive media and manages and coordinates digital marketing efforts, enabling their clients to achieve greater results.

Better Communication

Working with multiple agencies can be difficult to manage. It means more emails, more meetings, and more phone calls to ensure all brand messages are consistent. Brand managers have to be in constant contact with each one of their affiliates. And each affiliate has to be in contact with each other, as shown below. By choosing a Digital AOR, communication is streamlined.

Benefits of a digital agency of record

Deeper Understanding of Your Industry

Digital AORs are able to invest more time and gain a greater understand of your company and its industry, thanks to the trust you have placed in them.

Cost Reduction

By coordinating all of your digital marketing efforts though one agency, you are going to reduce your costs. Economies of scale allow agencies to produce work for less. Enhanced communication and a pre-existing understanding of the industry reduce legwork for the agency, resulting in cheaper rates.

Consistent Branding and Direction

By using a Digital Agency of Record, your brand can better leverage the power of what we in the industry call Integrated Marketing Communications. This is a holistic approach that allows companies to maximize the impact of their advertising dollars toward a single unified goal. Often when companies choose a multi-agency approach, communication is lost and each agency is working toward a slightly different goal. Imagine if you are running a Facebook contest and your customers visit your website to learn more. Yet, once they’re on your site, there’s no mention of the contest, which leads to confusion, bad experiences, and negative perceptions.

Better Results

All of these combine to help push your marketing budget further and maximize the potential, allowing you to build a stronger and deeper connection with your customers.