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How to Get Advanced Twitter Stats in Google Analytics

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the tool we discuss in this post is no longer supported. To learn about other analytics options, check out the following:
When you go into Google Analytics and you see traffic from a URL, that’s great. That’s traffic from Twitter. But all Google Analytics shows is the referral path—nothing more.

Here’s what you see:

Twitter Referral Stats in Google Analytics
Good news. Now there’s a Chrome plugin that allows you to see Tweet details as well as the traffic numbers: Campalyst.

Campalyst automatically works once you give it permissions through Google Analytics. Instead of showing the source like above, Campalyst shows the tweet content. You can see the exact tweets that are driving traffic to your site and how those visitors engaged with your site.

Advanced Twitter Stats in Google Analytics
This plugin gives you the power to see who’s tweeting about your site and how many clicks their posts are getting, which is a great way to find your social media influencers.

Campalyst Pros
  • Works right within Google Analytics
  • Allows you to see the exact tweets that drove traffic to your site
  • Is simple to install
Campalyst Cons
  • Only available for Chrome
  • Only tracks data for the past 5 days under the free version
  • Doesn’t register protected tweets
This is exciting for tracking how social media drives traffic to and around your website. Don’t hold your breath for something like this for Facebook because of privacy settings, but take advantage of the data and trends you can glean from Campalyst.