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Who’s Where? Social Media User Demographics

You know social media can be a big benefit to your business, but there are so many platforms out there that you’re not sure where to start or which networks would be most effective. Well, you’re not alone.

The number of social networks vying for your time and resources is constantly growing. Below are some statistics from a Pew Research Center study about who spends time on what medium, based on a variety of demographic categories. It’s not the be-all-end-all to help you decide your social media strategy, but it’s a place to start to understand where your resources should go.

Before we dive into specifics, below is a table that lays out the most popular groups using each network.

  % of Internet Users Top Users
Any social networking site 72 Women, adults 18-29
Facebook 72 Women, adults 18-29
Twitter 18 Adults 18-29, African Americans, urban residents
Pinterest 15 Women, adults under 50, whites, those with some college education
Instagram 13 Adults 18-29, African Americans, Latinos, women, urban residents
Tumblr 6 Adults 18-29

Now for some demographic takeaways.

More women use social networks than men. Twitter is the only network in the study where a higher percentage of men than women were users, and only by 1%.

Social media demographics key Social Media Demographics - Gender
Facebook blows all the other networks out of the water for usage in every age group.

Social Media Demographics - Age Not surprisingly, women are 5x more likely to use Pinterest than their male counterparts.

And Tumblr is used by both men and women equally, mostly by those in the 18-29 age range.

Many of the findings in this study confirmed what marketers already know. Did any of the stats surprise you?

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