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Twitter Releases Advanced Analytics for All

Last month, Twitter released analytics for all users. Previously, analytics were only available to advertisers. Have you taken advantage of the data in these reports?

To view these analytics, go to and login with your Twitter credentials. Click on “Analytics,” and choose either “Timeline activity” or “Followers.”
  Twitter Advanced Analytics

Timeline Activity

This area lets you see your Twitter engagement—mentions, follows, clicks, unfollows, favorites, retweets, and replies. You can view all your tweets, or your best performing ones.

Twitter Analytics Timeline Dashboard
What’s missing? I would like to see a “Reach” category that displays impressions, both mobile and desktop. I know they’re tracking reach because they show tweets with abnormally high reach. Maybe they’ll put it in the dashboard soon.

Twitter 3X Reach

You can download your timeline activity data, but there’s really not much data to be gleaned.

Twitter Download Timeline Activity
You can calculate your average favorites, retweets, and replies per tweet, but not much more.


The followers tab lets you see, as the name implies, information about your Twitter followers.

The first thing you’ll see when you get to this area, is a chart that looks pretty impressive…until you look into it. This chart shows lifetime follows—from 0 to present. If your chart has an upward trend (like ours below), that’s great, but nothing to brag about. If your chart has a downward trend, we need to talk.

Twitter Increase Followers
If the chart shows a big spike, you can look back and work to understand why followers increased and how you can replicate it.

This tab also shows Interests, Location, Gender, and profiles that your followers also follow.

Twitter Analytics Interests, Location, and Gender From this, we can learn that the Far Reach followers are mostly from Iowa (45%), mostly male (80%) and interested in a variety of topics.

Will these advanced analytics eliminate the need for third-party apps like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and SocialBro? My guess is no, unless Twitter steps up the amount and detail of the data and integrates it into Tweetdeck. Until then, keep using those third-party analytics platforms.