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Marketing with Google AdWords – When Does it Make Sense?

Marketing with Google AdWordsIf you’re engaged in internet marketing, there’s a good chance you’ve considered using Google AdWords.

You’ve seen these ads–they’re the listings in the boxes at the top or bottom of the page or in the sidebar of your search results on Google.

AdWords can be an important part of a successful marketing strategy, but it’s not necessarily the right tool for everyone.

Using AdWords Makes the Most Sense…

…when your website offers a deliberate means of generating revenue. If site visitors don’t have the ability to purchase something on your site, or any incentive to give you their contact information for follow-up (lead capture), then there’s not much sense laying out cash to drive people to your site. Get your website in order before investing in AdWords.

…when you’re just starting out with search engine optimization (SEO) and aren’t yet ranking well with your most important keyword terms.
AdWords can put you on the first page as you’re implementing your long-term SEO strategies.

…when your highest converting keyword terms are also highly competitive.
AdWords can put your name at the top of the page for competitive terms for which ranking well is a long shot. Keep in mind you’ll pay more per click for these terms.

If you decide an AdWords campaign makes sense for you, we have a couple of tips before you start:

Google AdWords is just one piece of a successful search engine marketing strategy.
We recommend you also make the investment in an organic search strategy by optimizing your website for search engines, using social media, and generating quality content. These tactics will help you in your quest for higher rankings while at the same time providing your customers value. We wrote more about this in a previous blog post on SEO.

While AdWords campaign performance is highly trackable, consider more than just the initial stats.
It’s easy to look at the cost per conversion in your AdWords campaign and worry you’re paying too much for each new customer. B2B campaign conversions can be particularly costly. However, it’s important to consider your average lifetime value of a customer, not just the value of the single purchase made during the visit initiated via your ad.

It’s also critical to realize most online searchers are shopping around. While a person clicking on an ad to reach your site may not make an immediate purchase, she could return to do so after reviewing competitor sites. Check your overall conversion stats—how does the daily average prior to your campaign compare to what’s happening during your campaign?

Setting up your first AdWords campaign can be a daunting task. However, if managed correctly, AdWords can help you achieve your search engine marketing goals and have a positive impact on your bottom line. 

Let us know if we can help you out.