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Sitefinity, Part 2: Features We Love

In our last post, we shared the reasons we selected Sitefinity as our content management system of choice. This time, we’d like to share some of the specific features that have made it a great fit for us and our clients.

The Sitefinity website has a very thorough list of features included with each Sitefinity package. Some of our favorites are listed below.

Content management

Drag and drop interface
Sitefinity screen shot - content widgetsFor both page layouts and content editing, Sitefinity offers a very simple-to-use drag and drop interface. The user can drag layout elements onto the page.  Once the layout is set, content widgets (text, images, events, blog, etc.) can then be dragged into the layout.
Word-like editor
Once the content widgets are set, the user has access to an intuitive, Word-like editor for creating and updating content.
Granular permissions
Sitefinity allows you to set different permission levels for different users.  You can also create custom workflows if certain content items need approval before publication.  


Screenshot - Sitefinity Content Editor
SEO-friendly URLs
Sitefinity automatically generates an SEO-friendly URL for every website page.
Automatic generation of HTTP 301 Permanent Redirects
These are generated whenever a page is moved or renamed so search engines are notified of the changes.
User-friendly meta fields
It is very simple for site administrators to manage the meta fields that impact SEO from within the content management system.

Mobile friendly

Responsive layouts built-in
With Sitefinity’s add-on mobile module, sites can be built so the content and layout automatically respond to the width of each visitor’s browser. This allows a client to have a website that’s mobile friendly, without building a separate mobile site. Our team still has full control of the website’s markup so we can maintain control of our custom designs.

Integrated marketing

Social Media
Sitefinity allows you to publish to your Facebook pages and Twitter from within the CMS.  You can connect your various content streams—news, events, blog, etc.—directly to these social media platforms.
You can create emails that feature your website’s styling from within Sitefinity and track the results via built-in analytics. You can also embed subscriber sign-up forms on your site. If you want to evaluate your email campaigns, you can complete A/B testing through Sitefinity and monitor the results.
Sitefinity’s events module lets you schedule and promote events, accept online payments, and receive post-event feedback.
You can incorporate a single blog or multiple blogs into your website with Sitefinity’s blog module, organize your posts, and accept and respond to comments.

Sitefinity goes well beyond content management to offer a one-stop solution for online communication and marketing. With each new project, we learn more about Sitefinity’s capabilities.  

If you’ve used Sitefinity and have other features you love, please comment below.

If you’re looking to build a new website and are interested in a Sitefinity site, we hope you’ll contact us.