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Social Media: Cultivating and Creating Content

Last time, we covered the importance of listening in your social media efforts.  This time we’re talking to pull together and share great posts that establish you as an expert in your industry, while fostering interaction with your followers.

Social Media Content

The Right Social Media Content Mix

To accomplish this, you need a good mix of original content and content cultivated from others (always give credit). It’s fine to share promotional posts about your company, but do so in a compelling way and don’t make these the bulk of your content. Your content should also vary depending on the platform you’re using, and what you’ve learned from listening to others.  

Content that gains attention and interaction on Facebook won’t necessarily accomplish the same thing on LinkedIn. It may take a little experimenting to get a feel for what works best.  (We’ll talk about monitoring your efforts and making adjustments in an upcoming post.)

Cultivate Social Media Content from Others

Sharing the content of others is a great way to round out your social media offerings. If you have Google Alerts and Google Reader set up as we suggested last time, you’re off to a good start in always having relevant content from others to share. There are many other resources for finding and curating content on topics you want to cover. I use Zite on my iPad. Daily Tekk recently shared a hefty list of curation tools.

Create Your Own Social Media Content

Creating your own online content is one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise and offer your own spin on relevant topics. Blogging is a great way to get started with creating original content to share via other social media platforms—we wrote a post a while back on generating ideas for blog topics. This morning, I came across a useful infographic from Smart Insights for brainstorming content ideas. Mix it up—short videos, infographics, and photos are also effective at offering insight on your company and its products or services.

Establish a Social Media Routine

The most important aspect of keeping your social media content flowing is to get into a routine. A routine also helps prevent your social media management from becoming the huge time suck it has the potential to be. My routine looks like this:

  • Investigate 2-3 new resources, tools or platforms
  • Study analytics and adjust strategy
  • Review my calendar for upcoming events/other issues I’ll want to document/share
  • Write and publish one blog post; research ideas for two more
  • Share 3-5 posts on Facebook; 1-2 on LinkedIn & Google+
  • Look for items to pin on Pinterest (just getting started here)
  • Review my RSS feeds and other resources for content to share
  • Share 2-3 tweets on Twitter
  • Scan Twitter/FB/Google+ feed 2-3 times for posts of others to comment on/share

Next time, we’ll discuss various tools for managing your social media sharing and interactions. In the meantime, let us know how you go about putting together compelling social media content. We’d love to hear about the tools you use and your routine for keeping the content coming.