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An Underused Google Analytics Tool: Real-Time Analytics

If you like data as much as we do, you’ll love the real-time Google Analytics feature. You can see how many visitors are on your website—live.

It’s housed under the Standard Reports menu, where you can see an overview, locations of your current visitors, where those visitors came from, and what content they’re viewing. 

Real-time Google Analytics

Overview Tab

The Overview tab is exactly what it sounds like—an overview of your real-time analytics. This dashboard shows the number of visitors on your site, how long they’ve been there, what pages they’re on, their locations, and how they got there.

Real-time Google Analytics Overview

The number of visitors on your site and how long they’ve been there are displayed on every tab of the Real-Time Analytics feature.

Locations Tab

The Locations tab shows where your visitors are geographically. It displays locations on the map, and down to the city-level below.

Real-time Google Analytics Locations

Traffic Sources Tab

The Traffic Sources tab shows how visitors got to your site. It shows referrals, organic traffic, direct traffic, and campaigns.

Real-time Google Analytics Traffic Sources

You can click on any of the categories to get more detailed data.

Real-time Google Analytics Traffic Breakdown

Content Tab

The Content tab lets you see what pages are currently being viewed on your site. It also shows pages that have been viewed by current site visitors, even if they’ve navigated to a new page.

Real-time Google Analytics Content

While it’s tempting (for us, at least) to spend all day watching your visitors, it’s not practical. Choose targeted times to view your real-time analytics—for example, after posting a link to your site on social media, during a big promotion, or during your site’s busiest times of day.

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