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Adobe Digital Trends Report

Adobe Digital Trends Report The 2013 Adobe/Econsultancy Digital Intelligence Briefing is out. You can download it for free at that link, but below are the highlights and trends we spotted.

The report reviews trends based on a late 2012 survey of more than 700 digital marketing professionals.

Digital Trend 1: Content

Content is the key to marketing in the digital age. Generating content—quality content that engages customers and drives them into the sales funnel—is a top priority for marketers as we continue to integrate digital into our plans.

Digital Trend 2: Engagement

Quality content is a start for generating engagement, but it requires more than one post to turn a Facebook fan into a customer. Are you tracking how many users interact with your content and which types of content perform best? You should be. And you should be tailoring your content strategy to those results.

Digital Trend 3: Data

Online marketing is easy to track—click through rates, fans, likes, views, etc. But how those metrics affect dollars isn’t so simple to discover. Direct correlation between digital marketing efforts and sales can be tough (it’s simpler for e-commerce), but goals and measurements can and should still be established. Goals and set measurements will help you wade through the infinite data that’s out there.

Digital Trend 4: Mobile

When we say “mobile,” we’re not just talking about mobile apps and mobile websites, though we can’t stress the importance of those enough. We’re also talking about giving your customers the ability to communicate with and purchase from you via mobile devices. Pretty much every experience your customers have with you should be optimized for mobile—this includes your website and website features users would access on the go, as well as social media, posted links, and contests/promotions.

Digital Trend 5: Creativity

Unlike a few years ago, simply being in the digital space doesn’t put you ahead of the curve any more. You have a Facebook page? Cool, so does everyone else. What are you doing with your digital marketing to stand out, get attention, and gain customers?

How are you going to adapt your digital marketing?

Note: Most of the respondents to the survey were in the U.K., but the data still applies.

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