How to Use Agile/Scrum in Software Development

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The Scrum Team

Mar 6, 2021, 11:11 AM

In scrum, the entire team is responsible for working together to create a great software system. There are only two named responsibilities, and everyone on the team works together on development, testing, and accomplishing the work in the backlog. 

Product Owner - The product owner (PO) defines the what—as in what the product will look like and what features it should include. As a development partner, we split this responsibility into two: the Far Reach PO and the client PO

Scrum Master - The scrum master helps the team perform at its highest level and helps remove both internal and external barriers. They also hold the team accountable to its working agreements, scrum values, and to the scrum framework itself.

At Far Reach, we have team members whose main responsibility is product owner or scrum master, but the responsibilities can be taken on by anyone on the team.

Other than those two named responsibilities, a scrum team is self-managed and empowered to organize and manage their own work. A team can be any size, but the general standard is 3-9 people. At Far Reach we work as one big team as well as in smaller project-based teams.

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