How to Use Agile/Scrum in Software Development

Build better software learning from customers and iterating as you go.

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How Our Agile/Scrum Processes Benefit You

Mar 6, 2021, 11:11 AM

Agile methodologies are the leading philosophy behind custom software development. The frameworks you might hear about—like devops, kanban, extreme programming, feature driven development, and more—are standard today because agile principles work. 

As a client, you benefit when we improve...which we’re always doing. Your custom software is built in priority order, you get to a working MVP fairly quickly, and you can continually enhance and improve your system using the feedback the software’s users have given you. 

You’re not waiting 18 months for a working product, just to find out it’s already obsolete (RIP waterfall methodology) or that what you built isn’t what your users actually needed. You can adapt to changes as they happen and stay, well, agile. You can build software systems with less risk, more control over budget, and complete transparency. 

We’re highly invested in agile/scrum because we’ve seen the benefits, for both our team and our clients.