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The People Behind Your Project: Jordan McNamara

You told us you want to know more about the people behind your projects. You got it. This is the second profile in that series.

Jordan McNamara Far Reach Web Designer

Jordan McNamara

Web designer 

How do you help clients?
I make websites easy to use and good-looking.

What led you to here?
I liked that Far Reach was a flat organization. I could tell everyone mattered.

Tell us about your background or training.
Most of my graphic design skills are self-taught. I’ve always had a creative spirit, but studied business in college. My degree is in marketing.

What is your work mantra?
Make shit happen. 

What guides you?
It’s this: Power to the customer. If our clients don’t have customers, they don’t have a business, and neither do we.

What are you reading?
I’m currently re-reading Communicating Design: Developing Web Site Documentation for Design and Planning by Dan M. Brown. It’s about clear communication between developers and their clients. You know, making sure everybody’s on the same page. 

Who do you follow?
I like to follow Luke Wroblewski (, who is a product director at Google. He’s a user experience expert. He talks about making web applications easy to use.

What’s your favorite app?
Notability. It’s a note-taking app. I put ebooks in there, and use it to highlight passages and take notes. It’s powerful, yet simple to use. 

Where do you see the field going in 1-3 years?
Experiences are the new front line of marketing. Customers are looking to have engaging and emotional connections with brands.

We’ll also see more websites experiencing the mobile shift—more traffic from mobile than desktop.

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